Nursing Home

Jasper County Hospital Nursing Home

Located in Bay Springs, MS. adjacent to Jasper County General Hospital is the 110-bed Jasper County Nursing Home facility. This facility has recently undergone internal cosmetic renovation and today is a well staffed, modern facility with all the leading services providing around-the-clock nursing care to its' residents.

Nursing Home Administrator
Becky Ulmer RN, C CDFS, WCC
15 South 6th Street, Bay Springs, MS 39422
Phone: (601) 764-2101

Nursing Management
Top Row (L to R): Melissa Thomson, Hollie Martin, Liz Smith, Jada Lowe
Bottom Row: Donnett Hendry, Christy McNeil, Brittany Sewell
Jada Lowe - Chief Nursing Officer
Tasha Paxson - Social Services, Pam Fail - Nurse Practitioner
MDS/Care Plan
Linda Jones - Director, Tonya Hester, Iris Evans

Celebrating 50 Years Of Service

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15 South 6th Street
  Bay Springs, MS  39422